William Allen (Will) was a Year 10 student at St Anselm’s College on the Wirral in England. At the beginning of Year 9 he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour.

Although he missed periods of school during his last year (2016) for radiotherapy, Will was always eager to attend whenever he could. Even in the latter stages of his illness, Will would always contact his teachers asking for tasks and work to do. He wanted more than anything to be back in school with his friends.

Will´s stories, published here, were written during his struggle with his brain tumour. His mother said he really enjoyed writing the stories, despite what he was going through.

Sadly, Will passed away just before Christmas 2016.

As you´ll see from what you read, Will was a writer. He loved words and had a talent for them. He left us these stories.

This page is dedicated to all writers, especially young ones, like Will, who want to see something they´ve written published.

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Please try and include a contact number or address for a teacher or parent, especially if you want your photo or name published.

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Stories by Will:




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