The Haunted Twitter Account

So, it´s Halloween: who´s heard of the haunted Twitter account @zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

When opened from a computer, you can see the account, but you don´t necessarily follow it, but if you open it from a smartphone you automatically become a follower.

But a follower of who and what?

Well the urban legend says it´s the account of one Natasha Singh who is said to have in Delhi in 2001. Police originally decided she´d  committed suicide from jumping off the ninth floor of a hotel, however four days later the tune changed: now it may have been a murder.

The account is supposedly hers (despite Twitter not starting up until 2006) and is still active. I just checked it out from my computer and her latest post, dated February 28th, says “I´m coming in 01/01/2017”. Anyone brave enough to open it from a smart phone and see if she automatically follows you?

Happy Halloween!creepy-photos