Light, Speed, Time by LV Waterman


This is a novella; a swiftly moving ghost story set in the modern world. The writing is crisp and clear and the characters are well-drawn and believable.

Vicky is a twenty-year old student suffering a seaside camping holiday with her domineering older brother and his family. While taking photos of an old mansion she notices something in one of the old building´s upper windows. The shock of what she might or might not have seen causes her to knock over and damage her camera.

Back at the campsite, Vicky mulls over what happened and bickers with her brother. Escaping to the clubhouse for a drink she meets handsome Al, who has a fast track to the Guinness. Over the next day or two Vicky will visit the mansion and begin to piece together what she might or might not have seen that first afternoon when she was taking pictures.

I found this a really impressive little book and would recommend it to anyone who likes a neat ghost story with a well-thought out historical background. The presentation is smart and you get the impression that you´re in the hands of a talented writer throughout the reading of the book.