If I Wake by Nikki Moyes


This is a well-written, passionate book about love, mental illness and the best and worst of human behaviour on a sensitive young mind.

Essentially the story of a high school girl, Lucy, the book charts her meetings with her best friend Will at different periods of history (birth of humankind, medieval England, etc). All the while Lucy is lying in a coma after attempting suicide and we – like Lucy´s family and the medical establishment in the ´real world´ are never quite sure what tricks Lucy´s mind is playing on her.

There´s great realism for me in the school scenes: Lucy suffers some brutal bullying from her schoolmates and it´s pretty obvious that Ms Moyes has her finger right on the pulse when it comes to describing Lucy´s existence and why she feels as she does. Her homelife is equally well-drawn and throughout the novel the author is in control of the language and story. You feel like you´re in the company of a good writer with something to say, which is refreshing: you feel like the author feels the book is important and so you must.

This is a good book to anyone, Young Adult or otherwise, who is interested in the travails of a sensitive mind in the modern world, and the weaving in of the historical elements makes it interesting too for anyone who likes a bit of history, as I do.

For those wondering if Lucy wakes, if Will exists or how the whole thing ties together – grab a copy now and satisfy your curiosity.