NOW BOOKING is the name of a quick interview various authors, readers and other interesting people have done for me.

ben2If you would like to do the interview too, send me a message.

Currently featured (click on the names to go the page):

L.V. Waterman, author and graphic designer from Suffolk, England. She is the author of a high-quality, creepy novella by the name of Light, Speed, Time and which I can highly recommend.

Madison Love is an author and entrepreneur from Washington D.C., USA, and the author of an intriguing, visceral book called All Cracked Up  about two friends who decide to try taking crack cocaine to lose weight. She lives and writes in Southern Maryland with her husband of twenty-three years.

Devorah Fox, author, journalist, blogger and dragon owner was born in Brooklyn, NYC. Her latest book, Naked Came The Sharks, is about a young journalist who gets involved with shady dealings on the Texas Gulf Coast, where the author now lives.

T.L. Clark, from the UK, writes racy romantic fiction when she´s not working her mundane 9 to 5. Her books examine love from different angles and she dreams of one day running a farmhouse for stressed people and horses.

Grace Anthony, author of Timeless, a fairy tale retelling filled with princesses and castles and evil witches, is a home-schooled indie author still in high school. She loves horses, chocolate and Saphira, her laptop.

Doug Oudin is a retired harbormaster from Catalina Island, California. Married with two sons, his life on and around the ocean has given him the essence of a true seaman. He´s travelled extensively in Mexico, Central America, and parts of the Caribbean and writen two books, Between Two Harbors, Reflections of a Catalina Island Harbormaster,  a memoir, and Five Weeks to Jamaica,  a novel.

Ben J. Hartley is an artist who lives and works in London. A former nurse, Ben has just finished a degree at the Chelsea College of Art.

Dora Ilieva was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, but moved to Canada when she was twenty-eight. A writer of novels and short stories, she is currently working on a book about the Dark Ages in Europe.

Nikki Moyes is a young author from Australia. Her latest book, If I Wake, is making waves among reviewers on Good Reads.