Need a cover artist?

These days, more than ever, whether you´re publishing on Smashwords, Amazon, Wattpad or all over the world,  you need a good cover. Demand is huge and so is the amount of people offering their services. Trying to choose a cover artist can be daunting.

My YA novel The Invisible Hand is coming out next February and its cover was created in-house at the publishers. Apart from chosing an illustration from stock footage, I had little say in the process. I was told this was normal and that, especially for first time authors, personal input was minimal. In the event, thankfully, I liked the cover.

Later, thinking about promoting the book, I decided to write a short story using of the main characters who would appear in The Invisible Hand. By this time I was mingling in forums, on Good Reads and Facebook and had made some internet friends. One of these, whom we shall call Lpixel, offered her services to create a cover for this new short story of mine (called Heart of Winter).

Although I began the process with some trepidation, I soon realised I was in the hands of a professional. And whereas my relationship with the publisher´s designer had been almost non-existent, now I found I had a real, human relationship with the person working on the cover. And it made a huge difference, watching the cover grow and develop. I was consulted along the way, allowed to make my decisions, allowed to throw in my own weird comments – “I want it gothicky!” and Lpixel didn´t blink. It was a very satisfying experience.

The bottom line to all this is, if you are looking for a graphic designer or cover artist to work on your book, wherever you are and whatever stage you are at, don´t settle for anything less than a human presence. Shop around. Be strong. Stand up for what you want and work with the cover designer in achieving your goal.

You could do a lot worse than getting in contact with Lpixel too.