Yes, indeed! It´s now available everywhere!

Yes, now you, too, could be as thrilled as my kids with this fantastic, internet-smashing news. This morning I had to force them to put the book down so they could go to school and learn about less interesting, useless things! Grab a copy before Amazon breaks and you are left with a feeling of gut-clenching desolation.

They´re actually thinking, “Now maybe dad´ll shut up about it”.

If you´re still undecided and fancy the bookish equivalent of window shopping – or if you´re just plain tight – you can read 3 free chapters at Instafreebie or join nearly 900 people at the Good Reads Giveaway or – sod it! It´s Friday! – you could buy the damn thing from Amazon UK here orAmazon US .

It´s also in many good bookshops and a few disreputable ones, plus there´s a few copies lying about my house if anyone wants them. I live in Madrid so warn me first if you´re coming. I´ll put some coffee on. Be warned, though, Spanish coffee is strong. Which reminds me, I´ll have to clean the bathrooms later.

If you´re still reading, what´s the weather like where you are? And what about Trump, eh? And those seven new planets? Imagine if this exact post is being read by someone there – how depressing would that be?

Get onto Facebook to win a signed copy which I will kiss for luck before I send out – and you can also win 50 pounds, dollars or baht for a charity of your choice.

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Is anybody out thereeeeee?