Here are some pictures and stories inspired by THE INVISIBLE HAND. They are from students at Orvalle School. The names of the artists will be added shortly!

This is a scene from a comic book version of the book: readers will recognise The Magistrate´s library…

  Brilliant poster.

Models, reproductions of The Book and standalone stories.

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here!” Chapter 12

From a brilliant, creepy, beautiful rendering.

This is Sam, and St Francis´, with Leana.

It opens out. That´s Sam on the left. Inside stories!

Leana, and the past, on the right.

Opened out.

This is a time machine, with the invisible hand atop!

Here, the scene where Mr Firmin tries to convince the students to stay awake through Macbeth on DvD…


The cover of Claire´s Story, which will be published on Will´s Page soon. Inspired by one girl´s experience at a new boarding school.

And here are Sam and Mrs Waters, beautifully done: