Hi, my name´s James and I´m the author of a NA/YA novel called The Invisible Hand published by Lodestar Books

The book is about children at a boarding school who get involved in the plot of Shakespeare´s Macbeth. It forms the first part of a series called Shakespeare´s Moon. Each book in the series involves a different Shakespeare play.

Get it from Amazon UK here, from Amazon US here. It´s available in all good bookstores all over the world (like Shakespeare & Co in Paris), as well as the National and The Globe Theatres in London. You can read a nice review from Australia here.

A Prelude, Heart of Winter, is now available for FREE from Smashwords. There is also a Christmas story called Eve´s Christmas, which is available on Kindle Direct, and all subscribers to this website get a FREE short story about St Francis´ school.

I live in Madrid – with these two kids pretending to be interested in the book – and my wife.

I´m always interested in reading work from young writers. I have a special page called Will´s Page, dedicated to the memory of a great young writer called Will Allen, where I publish short stories and anything else people send in. Read Africa, by Will,  by clicking on the picture:

My latest author interviews here, at Now Booking. This month we´ve got L.V. Waterman, the author of a top-notch creepy horror novella, Light, Speed, Time, and plenty more.

I hope you enjoy your visit. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Good Reads.


If you live in the UK, be sure to have a look at Creative Will, a new pair of competitions I recently launched with Stratford´s newest attraction, Shakespeare´s Schoolroom, where Shakespeare went to school. Winners can get their names in the next Shakespeare´s Moon book and win a tour for all their class to the magnificent Schoolroom. Click on the pic for more details: