Dora Ileva, Author


Which book are you reading now?

The Double by Fyodor Dostoyevski and McMafia by Misha Glenny

Which was a book you loved at school?

There were many – books by Dumas, Hugo

Which book was a book you hated at school?

I can’t think of one

Which book have you tried but given up on?

Dog Years by Gunter Grass

Which book have you read in a single sitting?

The #1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith

Which book do you think is bad but other people like?

The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera

Which was the first book that blew your mind?

Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Which book got you into an author you love?

The #1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith

Which book deserves to be called a classic?

Blindness  by Jose Saramago

Which book do you wish you´d written?

The books that are in my head.

Which book would you never read?

There’s no such book

Which book is by an author you think should be better known?


Which book of yours is your favourite?

They are different, but I love them equally


I am a Bulgarian-Canadian author. My first novel is “The Devil’s Gorge” – a tale of mystery, love and betrayal. I grew up in Sofia, Bulgaria and moved to Canada with my family when I was twenty-eight. Reading is what I love best. I often read several books at a time. My time is split between reading, writing, family and work. Travelling, watching crime shows and observing people are also things that I like. My second book, the short story collection “Faces”, deals with the all too human problems city dwellers encounter on a daily basis. I am currently working on a sequel to “The Devil’s Gorge” which takes the reader to one of the most mysterious periods in the history of Europe – The Dark Ages.