Cold Fire: Shakespeare´s Moon Act II

Cold Fire, Shakespeare´s Moon ACT II, will be published worldwide by Lodestone Books on August 31st, 2018.

Based on Romeo and Juliet, the book is now available for pre-order on Amazon UK and US. You can read three free chapters at Instafreebie here.

It can be ordered from Gardners by following this link: (note, not yet available).

The Invisible Hand, the first book in the series, based on Macbeth, was published by Lodestone on February 24th, 2017. It is available from Amazon UK here and Amazon US here. There are three free chapters at Instafreebie here.

10 Quick Questions about Cold Fire.

Do you have to have read The Invisible Hand to understand what´s going on in Cold Fire?

Not at all. It´s a standalone novel although the action takes place in the same universe, in the same school and even involves some of the same characters. Each book in the series deepens and explains the mythos of the Shakespeare´s Moon series.

Why Cold Fire?

Like The Invisible Hand, the title is lifted from the text of the play it´s based on. Cold Fire describes the chaos of love and passion.

Is it a romantic book?

It´s a book about love. Any book based on Romeo and Juliet has to be about love. But I started the book from a strange angle – I thought, “love doesn´t exist, it´s just a survival device” and went from there, trying to convince myself I was wrong.

Is the book only for teachers and students?

The book is for anyone interested in Shakespeare, the plays, and a good adventure story. There are elements of time-travel, romance and suspense in both books – and plenty of history and fantasy. I love the plays I write about but the books are not intended to “teach” anyone anything. They are another way to look at the play and the characters, another way in to what can seem dense and forbidding texts. I think anyone studying – especially struggling – with the plays, might get something out of the books – but they should appeal to anyone reading this, because if you´ve got this far you´re probably mentally stroking your chin, thinking, “hmmm…maybe…”

Why Shakespeare´s Moon?

The moon, and the phases of the moon in particular, play a huge part in the plot of all of the books in the series. Some of the how and why is explained in Cold Fire.

Do you believe in love?

Most definitely, in all its guises and for all its purposes, known and unknown. Some aspects of love are amazing, warm and incredible. Some are cold, horrible and terrible. Love, as a word, encompasses many, many things.

How many books will there be in the series?

Five. Each novel is an “act” and so there has to be five.

Which plays are the other books based on?

Not telling. What I will say, though, is that lovers of the Sonnets will find some interesting stuff in Cold Fire. The third book is also set in the future and tells the story of what happens to St Francis and The Book.

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