COLD FIRE to be published Spring 2018

COLD FIRE, the second book in James Hartley´s popular Shakespeare´s Moon series for young adult readers, will be published by Lodestone Books in Spring 2018.

The novel, which tells the story of a group of friends at St Francis´ School who become involved in the plot of Shakespeare´s Romeo and Juliet, also features the story of a young schoolmaster from Stratford Upon Avon who arrives at the school four hundred years previously.

“I´m thrilled Lodestone have decided to publish Cold Fire,” the author, James Hartley, said.

“I know readers are going to enjoy finding out more about the history of St Francis´ and I think they might be surprised at how Romeo and Juliet´s story is told.”

Cold Fire forms the second “act” in the series. The first, The Invisible Hand, is currently stocked at the National and Globe Theatres in London and in bookshops all over the world.

It has proved a global hit with teachers and students, telling the story of children at a literary-based boarding school, St Francis´, who become involved in the plot of Shakespeare´s Macbeth.

Heart of Winter, a short story prelude to The Invisible Hand, is available free from Smashwords and Eve´s Christmas, a seasonal tale, is available for Kindle.

Creative Will, a national competition James is running in conjunction with Shakespeare´s Schoolroom, Stratford-Upon-Avon´s newest tourist attraction, gives young writers the chance to get their names into Cold Fire as one of the characters. The competition runs until the end of this month.