Elated with joy, I pranced out of my cozy bed as quick as a flash, my head spinning with visions of sugar-infused candy canes.

Rapidly I tore open the lengthy curtains and took my first glance through the skinny window-pane that creaked with the bitterness of this magical Christmas morning.

I was amazed by what I could see: the white, silky snow settling harmlessly upon green pastures that once gleamed proudly in summer´s humid heat, now lying camouflaged under hefty layers of intense crystals. It seemed as though a gargantuan avalanche had ambushed its way forward, simply oblivious to its territory.

Rooted in my unique pyjamas I scavenged my festive room for any signs of a privileged visit from St Nicholas. Jubilation orientated my minute body as a surge of adrenaline rushed through my veins almost causing them to collapse with the excitement that threatened my sanity. Deviously stashed under my comfortable bed I discovered to my delight a generous stocking packed to the brim with tantalising sweets and vivid treats, overflowing like a waterfall in paradise.

Bursting with drama I raced towards my door which had curiously been left slightly ajar.

Had he been?

Whirling with ecstatic glee, as if my skeleton was electrically charged, I skipped through our Christmas-crammed grotto that seemed even more enchanted on this special day. In due course I sauntered past the dazzling silhouettes of Father Christmas and extravagant ornaments of holy figures that proudly stood centre-stage on a mantle piece decorated with ribbons the colour of an elegant summer´s sunset on a humid evening.

Despite the cruel draughts that persistently wandered the depths of our Christmas-infested house,  I increased my pace and clumsily plunged down the hardy staircase that chuckled comically as I trod rudely on its head.

Hoping with all my might, my imagination swirling like a brilliant kite in the roaring wind, I prayed that my high expectations would live up to reality. My heart almost exploding with anticipation, I peered around the corner, avoiding the dim lights that circled the iconic tree in the basement of this frigid winters morning and took my first glimpse of my living room.

Had he been?


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