Slowly I entered the voluminous mouth of the empty abyss.

Ignoring the rusted sign that glared the words Blue Planet Aquarium in booming characters I stumbled into the deep ocean that seemed to spit a splutter of Artic moisture as I advanced. Not knowing what to expect, I became slightly nervous yet animated to discover more about the long-lost secrets of the mysterious ocean.

Upon entering, I instantly noticed to my left an exceptional grey creature, stained the colour of a gloomy array of dismal clouds on a rainy day. Majestically, arrogantly, he swam like a highly-trained Olympian around his habitat in search of his daily rations of microscopic life.

Attempting to grow my knowledge, I studied the mound of intense information on the beast, as an elderly liberian would study an ancient book in a grand library. Improving my intelligence of the noble organism, I fixed my mind on thinking of the lonesome life such a creature must live.

I continued through the dungeons of this long-forgotten cave that muttered modest morsels of water droplets in the uncomplicated shapes of infants tears. Behind the fast-flowing waterfall that created a nature-like feeling of being deep under the canopy of the Amazon rainforest, the bottomless fluids meandered in and out, attempting to take control of the dull room like a courageous general rallying his fleet of heroic troops during a bitter war.

Disguised by the gloomy lighting, the bleak, blue paint engraved on the stone-cold walls melted vertically like a royal platoon of Her Majesty’s guards honourably surrendering their lives for their country.

Directly opposite the thick vegetation that greedily spread out over the area stood a complex enclosure filled with tropical, picturesque sealife that dazzled in the surroounding hot springs . Vivid with intense colour, they mirrored each others´ every move, their unique designs glistening in sync with one another. Amazingly they splashed freely as if nothing in this confusing word mattered.

Furthermore, the delicious scent of clean sea-air raged in the cavern, giving the impression that I was dining at a fine seafood restaurant in luxurious conditions. The delicate smell made me feel I had been lifted into heaven.

I never wanted to leave.

I was in pure paradise.


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