As quick as lightning the extravagant super-jet 2000 swivelled, soared and swooped towards the bare, golden sands of Madagascar.

With a deafening roar, the colossal contraption crashed into the prolonged stretches of everlasting crystals beaming like royalty in the vibrant sun. Cautiously, I levitated to my feet to find to my amazement I was intact.

The thick, hefty atmosphere dazzled in the blazing heat like a villainous hypnotist attempting to deceive my brain. My head filling with excruciating pain, I trekked onward in search of something that could aid my bitter condition. All around me were vast amounts of glorious sands that swirled like flamenco dancers in the howling, humid air.

I peered to my left to find the lengthy number of fantastic hills whispering in secret conversations with their surroundings among the desolate sands.

Plodding along safely, I noticed a noble, mammoth-sized elephant approaching my location like a humble lion in the heart of a congested jungle. Locked in armour the colour of molten charcoal, the beast chugged through the desert oblivious to its surroundings. Like a bulletproof tank during a bitter war, the majestic creature huffed and puffed as if it was about to surrender to this cruel world. Because of this, I became alarmed at what I was witnessing and tactfully whimpered back slightly to avoid the King’s journey to infinity. In due course I rotated my confused body and continued my disillusioned journey towards the vacant nothing of this wasteland.

Suddenly I heard the pestering rattle of a deadly rattle snake which sent a delicate shiver down my spine. Petrified, I crept backwards, trying to be as quiet as a miniature field mouse hiding from treacherous predators in a gloomy wood. Frozen to the core I sharply maneuvered away to safety and exclaimed a huge sigh of relief when I realised I was undetected. From a distance I gazed as the gnarled reptile rapidly skipped along the harsh foundations of Africa’s largest desert. It was terrifying.

Under the barbaric heat, I examined my surroundings for some water.

I knew I was not ready to accept defeat yet.

Trudging forwards, my fragile body collapsed under the intense radiation from the gleaming bulb that laughed at me from above.

As incapable as a young child, I lay in the dungeons of the Sahara Desert, waving the white flag.

I surrender.


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